Budapest roaming,

augmented reality

escape game

Quest objective:

  • Gather the magic crystals

  • Close the Magic Portal with the help of the crystals

Quest location:

  • Walking throughout the city of Budapest

  • Starting point: 1092 Erkel street 7. (Lónyai street 16)

Quest elements:

  • Augmented reality

  • Child friendly adventure

Adventurers needed:

  • 2-6 Heroes

Quest Duration:

  • 2 hours

Diffficulty level:

  • Medium

Quest details:

Heroes of the new age! Let it be known, that the world is in great peril! The legendary Magic Portal has been opened!

Scriptures of old has foretold the opening of the Portals to Another World and the coming of it's inhabidants... And woe onto us if those creatures ever set foot in our world!

We need heroes both young and old to save us from the Monsters' World!
Roam the City of Budapest! Find treasures, and pass the test!
Use the magic mirror we provide to see the magic this world hides!

So come, ye great heroes! Save the world without remorse!

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