Augmented reality ecape game

Greetings Detective! We've just received this particular case:

Incident: homicide

Crime scene: indoor, the victim's offfice

Time-space conjunction point: 1092. Bp. Erkel utca 7.


Case difficulty: Very Hard

Tool for investigation: Augmented reality

Available time: 1 hour

Number of detectives needed: 2-6; Recommended: 4 detectives

The case's TimeLog:

2019.06.30. 13:42: TP-23 detects an anomaly in the time-space continuum

2019.06.30. 14:05: After calibration, TX-23 finds the source of the anomaly

2019.06.30. 14:06: TP-23 starts the jump

1950.07.18. 08:12: TP-23 arrives at the destination

1950.07.18. 08:13: TP-23 finds the dead body of ALBERT EINSTEIN

1950.07.18. 08:13: CRISIS PROTOCOL ENGAGED!

OBJECTIVE: Examine the body, investigate the scientist's office and find the reason of Einstein's untimely death, otherwise the world will never know the theory of relativity.

Attention! Expectably, since the victim is one of mankind's greatest minds, this case is really difficult. 


We provide you with an "Instant Time Alternating Device" or in short, an ITAD.

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